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Coming February 2024


The SPARC curriculum, created by Dr. Amy Tanner and Dr. Katerina Dounavi, is a treasure map for parents with infants aged 6-18 months who are showing signs of autism, developmental delays, or simply those who want to supercharge their child's brain development during a very critical and neural sensitive time.


This 8-session program is designed to guide parents on a journey to connect with their child more deeply and unlock their full potential. It's all about learning to dance to the rhythm of your child's interests, as your child’s favorite dance partner. Through the SPARC, parents will discover the joy of discovering, creating and expanding on activities that bring smiles to their child's face, turning everyday moments into valuable learning opportunities.


The SPARC is a 12 session curriculum which will focus on how to:

  • Follow your child's lead and interests 

  • Have more fun with your child and expand the activities that make them smile

  • Set up your environment for success

  • Practice imitation (gross motor, fine motor, oral motor and vocal)

  • Teach and encourage the use of gestures such as waving, pointing, giving objects and showing objects 

  • Encourage joint attention and referencing 

  • Create learning opportunities across play, bath time, meal time, dressing and other daily routines. 

  • Build the foundations for future  communication and learning

Did you Know?

Signs of developmental delays and autism can be observed beginning around 6-12 months of age

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